Bed bugs-every home owner’s nightmare

A general plot of all scary movies is that there are creatures that live with us and we cannot see them, but we can feel them. What if we told you that this happens in real life too? Before you think that we are going to tell you something far-fetched let us assure you that we are not. We are talking about bedbugs! These tiny bloodsucking creatures are more dangerous than you think. You might know them as the irritating pests that are hard to get rid of but they are capable of much more.

If a bed bug bites then usually the bites can result in a number of health effects including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. Besides this, in some cases, there can be an occurrence of prominent blisters and fever. And while bed bugs inherently cannot give you diseases the itching can lead to excessive scratching that can sometimes increase the chance of a secondary skin infection.

Given below are pieces of evidence from news articles which on reading you will realize that bedbugs can occur anywhere, even in your city.

Philadelphia ranks No. 1 on list of cities most infested by bed bugs


PhillyVoice Staff

JUNE 05, 2019

Philadelphia hadn’t been the No. 1 most bed-bug-ridden city since 2014, but it has reclaimed the top spot for 2019. The City of Brotherly Love had dropped as low as No. 10 in 2017 before climbing back to No. 2 spot in 2018. Cleveland, Ohio, held the top spot in 2018 and 2017.

Terminix reports 22% of Americans have experienced bed bug problems, and for those with children, the percentage rises to 35%.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies bed bugs as “public health pests,” and a 2014 study by Penn Medicine found they can transmit the parasite that causes Chagas disease through their bites. In 2002 they were added to the EPA’s “Lists of Pests of Significant Public Health Importance,” joining other pests and vermin, like lice, cockroaches, mice, and mosquitoes.

Bed bug survey: Los Angeles ranks 6th nationwide in infestations

By staff

Thursday, June 6, 2019 5:22AM

If you live in Los Angeles, the latest survey of cities with the worst bed-bug infestations won’t be much comfort.

The City of Angels ranks sixth in the nation among cities with the worst bed-bug problems.

Topping the list was Philadelphia, followed by New York, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. The survey was based on the number of service calls the national pest-control firm handles at its various metropolitan branches.

And here is the list of the top 50 bedbug infested states in the US.

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