Termite Troubles: Tips for Detecting and Dealing with Infestations

Termites can cause significant damage to structures made of wood and other cellulose-based materials. They feed on wood, paper, and other organic materials and their feeding habits can lead to the weakening of wooden structures and cause significant damage to homes, buildings, and other wooden structures. This damage can include holes in the wood, weakened beams, and even complete collapse of wooden structures. In addition to structural damage, termites can also cause economic damage by reducing the value of affected buildings; termites can also cause electrical and plumbing systems to malfunction, leading to additional repairs.  

The cost of repairing severe termite damage can be substantial and can run into tens of thousands of dollars. It is important to detect and treat termite infestations early to prevent the damage from becoming severe and costly to repair. Regular termite inspections and treatments can help prevent and mitigate termite damage.

QBCC urges North Queensland home owners to check for termites after wet weather

Hannah Walsh and Melissa Maddison

Posted Tue 31 Jan 2023

They chew through wood, have devastating impacts on your home and North Queensland provides the perfect combination of ingredients for the pests to flourish.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is warning home owners to check for termite infestations before it is too late.

Commissioner Anissa Levy said the insects were capable of causing major structural damage in a short period of time.

“It’s really important that home owners exercise extra vigilance following heavy rainfall and flooding events,” she said.

Mackay pest controller Campbell Eldridge said it was “critical” to carry out frequent checks.

“It’s not just that termites become more active when the heat and humidity comes in the rain,” he said.

“It’s that that creates the external environmental conditions for them to release their wing reproductives, which is when the termites fly from the nest and create their new nest.

“That’s what makes them appear more active.

“Usually, the way we build houses, the termites will consume the timber mouldings first, which are your skirting boards, your doorjambs and window frames.”

When traditionally used methods to combat this nuisance have failed, an effective solution is the need of the hour.

C Tech Corporation can offer a solution to overcome the damage caused by termites. Termirepel™ – an anti-termite additive is an ideal solution for the prevention and control of termites.

Termirepel™ works on the mechanism of repellency. It temporarily inhibits the mating cycle of the insects. The product impairs the ability of the insects to reproduce, that is the insects will not lay eggs or the laid eggs will be infertile. The product causes feeding disruption in an insect by triggering an unpleasant reaction within the insect which might try to feed on the application. The product temporarily blocks the reproduction system of the insects by hindering the release of the vital hormones for growth.

Termirepel™ is an extremely low concern, low toxic, low hazard, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic insect aversive. It does not kill or cause harm to insects as well as to the environment which indirectly helps to maintain the ecological balance.

Termirepel™ is available in the form of the liquid concentrate, lacquer, wood polish additive, sprays and masterbatch.

Liquid concentrate can be mixed with paints and organic solvent in a predetermined ratio and be applied on the storage area, ceiling, panels exterior and interior of the homes, buildings, etc. as to be protected from termites.

The product in the form of lacquer can be applied topically to the applications. The lacquer is compatible with most of the surfaces like wood, concrete, metal, polymer, ceramic, cables, wires which are already installed, etc.

The wood polish additive is to be mixed with wood polish and can be used to coat wood articles and furniture to protect them from termite and insect atatcks.

The aerosol spray comes very handy and can be used on any surface to avoid termite infestation.

Our product in the form of the masterbatch, which can be incorporated into the polymeric applications like pipes, wires, cables, polymeric tree guards, polymeric material, instruments and equipment’s which are attacked by termites. Termirepel™ can be incorporated during the extrusion of wires and cables making them pest repellent.

Termirepel™ is thermally stable and does not degrade on exposure to heat and sunlight. It does not kill or harm the insect but repels them.

Contact us at technical.marketing@ctechcorporation.com to keep the termites away.

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