Bedbugs- an unwelcomed air passenger

We have heard a number of times that there is bedbug infestation in house, hotels, ships, railways, etc. But bedbugs in flights occurred recently- surprised! But it’s true that the bedbugs have been reported in planes and they are flying in first class.

One more new thing that we need to worry about while traveling in the plane & i.e. bedbugs proved that humans cannot defeat them in the sky as well. Bedbug on airplanes doesn’t get the same media attention as bedbugs in hotels, hospitals, and railways.

It’s not just a plane you have to worry about, bedbugs found in every transport system nowadays. Whenever you are traveling to the plane and spot a bedbug around you, give an instant alert to flight attendants so that they could take possible action against bedbugs. Passengers make sure that they should not bring bedbugs to their homes as it may be a great threat to their homes.

Bedbugs can make their own way by scrawling one passenger luggage to others. Then bedbugs slowly scrawl out and hide in the corners of the seat and enjoy a free inflight meal of your sweet blood in the air. So before seating to plane a proper visual inspection must be done and if you find tiny red and a black spot at seat be sure of bedbug waiting to welcome you on board.

Here are some news articles reported for bedbugs’ infestation in the plane.

Shocking: Air Transat Flight Evacuated As Insects Fall From Above

By Joanna Bailey June 28, 2019

An Air Transat plane had to cancel its journey between London and Vancouver due to an insect infestation. Passengers reported bugs an inch long were falling from overhead lockers as they prepared to take off. As a result, the trip was delayed 24 hours so that the aircraft could be fumigated.

Passengers on an Air Transat flight screamed in terror! Photo: Air Transat

Passengers were apparently left ‘screaming in terror’ on an Air Transat flight from Gatwick this week, as cockroach like bugs tumbled onto their heads. Apparently falling from overhead lockers, the ‘brown beetles with wings’ were seen scurrying along the aisle as flight attendants attempted to squash them.

What happened?

Air Transat flight TS177 was due to depart from London Gatwick on Wednesday 26th June, heading to Vancouver in Canada. Passengers boarded the Airbus A330, registered C-GGTS, on time and were taking their seats when bugs began falling from overhead lockers onto their heads and laps. A passenger, Jenna Sullivan, told the Mail about her experience

Airplane crew refused to fly due to bedbug infestation

By Stephen Moyes, January 14, 2018

Getty Images

British Airways had to ground a jet after the cabin crew refused to fly on it due to a bedbug infestation.

They walked out minutes before take-off and were beyond their working hours when a replacement plane was found.

The flight to Ghana eventually left Heathrow four hours late.

It is the latest bedbug embarrassment to hit BA in recent months — amid protests that cheap cleaning contractors are not doing a proper job preparing jets for flights.

BA has been battling to restore its reputation after being accused of poor customer service and cutting perks.

A BA source said: “The cabin crew saw bedbugs crawling over the seats — visible to the naked eye.

“They said it was unacceptable to work on that aircraft.”

The Sun can also reveal crew frequently complain of bedbugs on the route to Las Vegas.

BA said it immediately took its jet out of service once the problem was raised.

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