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Ever wondered how to get rid of the white or lotion coloured creatures, resembling an ant once and for all? Termites are one of the most stubborn pests, that can engage in havoc if left uncontrolled. They have the capacity to nest on nearly anything and almost everything. They commonly feed on wood, leaves or branches of bushes, papers, and many others. These tiny insects are really powerful capable of even destroying the entire constructing!

Termites are not dangerous to people as they are not venomous and they do not usually bite people. However, the cost of termite damage can be extensive and can require a lot of money on the part of the homeowner to repair.

Springtime marks season to watch out for termites

by WGXA Digital News Staff

Saturday, March 14th 2020

MACON, Ga. — With springtime comes more sunshine, flowers, and even some allergies — but seasonal changes can also bring in new pests that may impact the safety and value of your home.

Pest control experts in Middle Georgia say it’s important to watch out for termites, especially during the spring.

“When springtime hits and after all this moisture and humidity, that’s the termite that most people see. If you have them in your home, they’re gonna make an exit hole, and they’re gonna swarm all in your home, so you’re gonna have insects all in your home. That’s the most noticeable. Other things are just the buckling of paint in the walls or sometimes if they’re in the wall, they’ll eat through the sheet rock and they’ll put a piece of mud,” says Ben Dupree, Senior Service Manager for Arrow Exterminators.

Termite damage is not typically covered by insurance and causes millions of dollars in damage every year, according to Arrow Exterminators.

Los Angeles Exterminators Offering Service for Termites

Termites are one of the most destructive pests, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to properties every single year. This is likely because these pests go undetected for quite some time before being discovered. Termite Control Specialists of Los Angeles has announced they are offering services to Los Angeles residents to help prevent and treat termites in the local area.

“Los Angeles has many termite species but the most common are Subterranean Termites and Western Drywood Termites. However, regardless of the termite species on your property, you need to have them taken care of and our termite specialists will be happy to do so,” the business owner stated.

Termirepel™, a product from C Tech Corporation is a completely non-toxic, nonhazardous and environmentally friendly product designed for protection against termites without harming termites and destroying their existence in any way.

Termirepel™ which is an anti-termite has been designed for polymeric applications as well as for natural materials like wood. It combines the best of chemistry and green practices to give an environmentally safe product which keeps the termites away effectively while at the same time guaranteeing safety to the environment, plants, animals and fragile ecosystems. The product triggers a flight or fight response in the insects making them leave the area.

Termirepel™ liquid concentrate can be mixed in paints and can be applied to damaged applications, interior, and exterior of structures, shelves, cupboards, etc. The masterbatch can be incorporated into wires and cables which are used in wiring.

While the product in lacquer form can be used as a topical application that can be applied to furniture, cabinets, bookshelves, etc. The lacquer is compatible with all surfaces.

The product available in the form of wood polish additives can be mixed in wood polish and then used for coating wooden objects and articles to protect it from termite attack.

TermirepelTM insect repellent spray is an easy to use product that can be sprayed by anyone on any surface. It works against termites and a broad spectrum of insects.

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