Pest management in areas of restaurants

Pest control methods are essential to ensure high standards of food hygiene and good manufacturing practice. In restaurants, rats and mice are one of the most common type of pest you might find.

Rodents are familiar pests in foodservice environments because their three basic needs – water, food and shelter – can all be met in a restaurant setting.  Rodents, like humans, like to be comfortable.  So when the weather gets colder, they want a warm haven.  Since rodents will eat most of the same foods that people do, your restaurant can be just as appealing to a Norway rat as it is to your customers, and with none of the advertisements and marketing!

As scraps from restaurant dumpsters start to dwindle amid widespread closures, the rats are going to do whatever is necessary to find food and survive. Whatever is necessary.

Insects like cockroaches and ants and other pantry pests will feed on the leftover food or even the groceries in the kitchen.

Recent news reported was:

Chinese restaurant in Sligo Town forced to close over ‘rodent infestation’

The food safety inspector found ‘many black elongated rodent droppings’

By William Dunne Digital Journalist

9th April 2020

An Chinese restaurant in Ireland was forced to close after “evidence of rodent infestation” was spotted in a food storage area.

The food safety chiefs issued a closure order for China City in Sligo Town on March 2 after an inspection was carried out.

An inspector for the Food Safety Authority of Ireland made the decision on the basis that there is a “grave and immediate danger to public health” at the premises.

They said while evidence showed a pest control contractor had examined the premises, no previous reports had stated evidence of rodent infestation.

The HSE report said: “There was no adequate procedure to check the premises for evidence of rodents on a day to day basis.

“There was a pest control contractor employed and reports indicate that visits hod been carried out and reports state that there was no evidence of internal or external rodent infestation.”

It added: “On the date of inspection there was evidence of rodent infestation in the first floor store where chest freezers used to store food and some foodstuffs such as flour were stored.

More cockroaches found at Columbia Center mall restaurants

By Annette Cary

November 19, 2019


Health inspectors found cockroaches at seven of 14 eateries it inspected at the Columbia Center mall in Kennewick this week.

However, only Bruchi’s CheeseSteaks and Subs rose to a level of concern that the Benton Franklin Health District requested that it close to address the infestation.

It is expected to have completed pest control and cleaning to reopen on Wednesday, after voluntarily closing on Monday, said Lars Richins, the food safety program supervisor for the health district.

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